What can we do?


l   We can try upgrading computer instead of buying a new one

l  We can use refillable ink cartridges

l  We can donate old, working computer to a school or charity

l  We can practice take it back and make it clean campaign

l  We can promote restriction (ban) all discarded materials from landfills and incinerators and to encourage environmentally sound recycling practice.

l  We can protect workers, the electronics industry should end exploitative and use safe labor practices throughout the product chain, including hazardous working conditions and the use of prison labor.

l  We can recycle, reduce, and reuse elections.



     Recycling and the proper disposal of electronics is a major part of the solution to our growing e-waste problem. Responsible practices in the manufacture of hardware must also contribute to the solution. Regardless of whether these positive actions are mandated by industry or government, progress occurs when individuals and businesses change their thinking about e-waste. However, there have been signs that manufacturers and retailers can work together to assist local governments in implementing programs that are efficient and cost-effective.

 Electronic waste



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